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i'm on fiiiiiiiiiire [Apr. 18th, 2007|02:45 am]
[Current Location |your mom's bed]
[music |nine inch nails]

no school today for flooding.
i didnt have power and my house was like 51 degrees.
i slept latteee.
i painted things.
had wine with pat and laughedmyfuckingassoff.

school is slowly coming to an end.
i cant believe how fast everything has been going.
school and work and friends.
april is half over already...
tomorrow i could sign up for classes but my rents were declined as co-singers on my loan.
so.. maybe i will sell the pig for tuition money. i mean wait what?

33 days til my birthday.
21 days til class is over.
19 days til muse and my chemical romance.
2 days til the day after tomorrow
1 day til tomorrow.
i can go. with the flow.