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Keep warm my dear, keep dry. - Too strung up to sleep...~*~* [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Keep warm my dear, keep dry. [Apr. 25th, 2007|01:00 pm]
What's the matter Mary jane?
had a hard day?
as you place the don't disturb sign on the door.
You lost your place in line again..
what a pity...
you never seem to want to dance anymore.
It's a long way downnnnn
on this rollercoaster.
the last chance
street car
went off the track
and you're on it.
hear you're counting sheep again
mary jane-
whats the point of trying to dream anymore?
hear you're losing weight again Mary Jane....
ever wonder who you're losin it for?
Well it's full speed baby
In the wrong direction...
there's a few more bruises
if thats the way
you insist on heading
Please be honest Mary Jane
are you happy?
please... don't censor your tears.
You're a sweet crusader
and you're on your way
you're the last great innocent
that why I love you.
So take this moment Mary Jane
and be selfish.
worry not about the cars that go by...
Cuz all that matters Mary Jane..
is your freedom,
So keep warm my dear.
Keep Dry.
Tell me
tell me..
Whats the Matter Mary Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane?
tell me...
tell me...