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Too strung up to sleep...~*~* [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Dec. 7th, 2006|02:43 am]
i remember you like yesterday
the memory of your voice
sets my skin on fire.
i can feel your whisper
i shudder just to think.
my heart begs to differ
but my body wants your touch
and the tug of your fingers
grabbing the roots of my hair
you loved its changing colors
i knew your favorites
lips like a million deep sighs
the temperature of ecstasy
kissing you could kill me
and it did; when i couldnt.
we'd lose track of time...
all the time. in your sheets,
with endless playlists
when every song was ours.
and every curve and arch
illuminated by the screen
you let me in on secrets
whatever you want, whatever i want.
always late, and never apart.
my face hurt so much from smiling
i cant remember when it started
but my face feels fine since we parted.
Burberry and suitcoats
your language was romance
a timeless face
equisite taste
and all the time in the world to waste
with me. "oh my God"
you really were perfect.
your skin was smooth and gold
like Paris
center stage
and in the shower
you didnt need to know all the words.
you never stopped being beautiful.
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peekture for you. [Oct. 16th, 2006|01:06 am]
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beautiful. [Jul. 20th, 2006|05:23 am]
after a whole week of sleeping with you, how can i sleep alone?!?!?

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(no subject) [May. 22nd, 2006|11:38 am]
its my birfday
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yup [May. 21st, 2006|01:28 pm]
thats what you get for reusing lines like a you reuse your underwear.
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wehhhhhh. [Apr. 12th, 2006|03:48 pm]
[Current Location |home]
[music |DC4C - sound of settling]

Woke up extra early...
got pretty...
met death cab for cutie.. :-)
soooo fun.
i saw the screener for there dvd... incredible.
they gave directors (6 i think..)
the creative freedom to interpret 11 songs any way they wanted to.
the results were sooo beautiful.
It was at the Coolidge Theatre on beacon. in bean.
sooo fun.
i'm gonna probly go to the mall and pick it up after the gym.
john wouldnt stop and gte sushi after >:o
haha its ok we had fun getting lost out of boston.

(ashley - so much to tell you. UGH!)

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meooow [Apr. 10th, 2006|04:54 pm]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Ok Go - Oh Latley it's so Quiet]

today is my day off and oh the wonderfulness.
it started by sleeping till 11
coffee at the cemetery with john
laying out in the sun with the puppies and piggy. til about 2
then walking the river with ash...
and now im going shopping with da.
i lost a sophmore 15? woot. woot.
loving this warm weather.
cant wait for the beach.
cant wait til moe ash mike birthday week 06 in may.
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(no subject) [Apr. 9th, 2006|03:38 am]
I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak,
And this bottle of beast
Is taking me home

I'm cuddling close
To blankets and sheets
But you're not alone, and you're not discreet
Make sure I know who's taking you home.

I'm reading your note over again
There's not a word that I comprehend,
Except when you signed it
"I will love you always and forever."

Well As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs
And sit alone and wonder
How you're making out
But as for me, I wish that I was anywhere with anyone
Making out.

I'm missing your laugh
How did it break?
And when did your eyes begin to look fake?????????????????????????????????????
I hope you're as happy as you 're pretending.

I am alone
In my defeat I wish I knew you were safely at home

I'm missing your bed
I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have speak, and
This bottle of beast is taking me home.

Your hair, it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities
And taking its wear.
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2006|11:29 pm]
Open iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrassing it is!!

Total songs- 1357

Sort by song-
First Song: 500 Miles, 10,000 Maniacs

Last Song: Yeah! New York, Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Sort by time-
Shortest song: "17" 0:18 Smashing Pumpkins
Longest Song: The Decline 18:18 NOFX

Sort by artist-
First Artist: 10,000 Maniacs
Last Artist: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Sort by album-
First Album: 100 Broken Windows

Last Album: Year of the Spider

Search the key word and see how many songs appear:
"Sex": 28
"Death": 19
"Love": 49
"You": 126
"Me": 300
"Drugs": 3
"Hate": 6

Search for your own name, how many?: 0
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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2006|01:49 am]
[mood |worriedworried]

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin to slit throats."
H.L. Mencken
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